How to save the planet from climate change and other challenges

By Jennifer GwynnePublished February 12, 2017 10:35:30The climate change that’s forcing the oceans to warm faster and faster and that’s leading to sea level rise, more intense storms, more destructive wildfires and droughts, has a name: climate change.And that name means “climate change.”That’s right, the planet is warming faster than we thought.The world is now warming faster and stronger than […]

Which players are now retired from the NHL?

NEW YORK — The number of retired players in the NHL is down by 11,500 this season to 7,500, according to a study by sports data firm Sports Data Solutions.The data company’s research team compiled a list of the players who were retired or who are no longer playing, based on a sample of players who have retired since the […]

When is Clone Wars season two set to premiere?

A new trailer has been released, and it’s one we’re definitely excited about.The trailer features a scene from the upcoming season 2 episode titled “The Return of the Jedi,” which will feature an appearance from Obi-Wan Kenobi.Check out the teaser below.In the trailer, we see a lot of familiar faces from the Clone Wars, including Kanan, Ahsoka, and Obi-wan.We also […]

How to clone your dog

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I loved to play with toys and toys and stuff.My favorite thing to do was to pretend that I was a cat and play with a ball.I would get to play in the ball room with the ball and play pretend with it.My dad would take me to the ballroom and I would […]

How to name your new clone trooper, Star Wars

If you want to name a clone trooper in Star Wars: Clone Wars, you’re going to have to find an old name for the creature.It’s not going to be too hard to find names for the creatures, but they’re all in their early stages of life, so you might as well get creative.First, you’ll need to identify the species that […]

How to Clone Wars Clone Commander Cody

Clone Commander Commander Cody is the new addition to the Lego universe.In his latest video, Cody takes us behind the scenes of Clone Commander Cody, the new character in the series.Watch Clone Commander CCY’s first trailer here.Clone Commander Jake (CCX-8) has been added to the game as well.Cody and Jake join forces as the new Clone Commandos in the battle […]

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