Dave Chappelle’s Clone Chronicles: Drones, Drones Everywhere

I’m back.

I’ve had my fill of the first half of the year, and it’s been a very busy one.

My first book was a massive hit, I’ve just finished the second, I just finished a third and the fourth, and the fifth book is out in the middle of this month.

So it’s not exactly an empty nest.

It’s a very big nest, and I have a lot to be thankful for.

I’d love to go back and write more books, but I also think it’s just going to be very hard.

So I just think I’m just going through this really difficult period of time and I hope you’ll all enjoy my little book tour as much as I do.

I think this is a good time to look at what I think are the things that are the best aspects of being a comedian.

So, for example, if you don’t know what a comic is, I’m sorry, but if you know what it is, it’s funny.

It was my childhood.

My parents loved to take me out and eat at places like this.

They were very picky about what they put on the table, but they did eat at this place.

This was a place that had some great burgers and it had the best fries in town, so they loved it.

So they took me to this place that was this really nice place that I didn’t really know what to expect.

I mean, this was a really small place, and they did have these really big tables, and this place was kind of a joke.

It had the big sign, and on the back of the sign, it said, “Comedy’s Here.”

And so I thought, “Oh my god, I guess I’ll take that,” and I was like, “No, I think I’ll just go back there and eat burgers and fries.”

And I did that, and that’s the way I’ve always been.

I just kind of fell in love with comedy.

So this is what I’m trying to say: You don’t have to be a comedian to be funny.

And it’s a really easy thing to get into.

So just because you don’ have to go to a comedy club, or you don”t have to do standup, or be on a stage, or have to learn a language, doesn’t mean that you can’t be funny, but you don ��t have have to have a whole bunch of things.

You don�t have a book of material, and you don� t have to write it in front of everybody.

I have my own little way of doing things.

And that’s what I�m trying to make my own thing.

I�ve never really done that.

I don�T think I can, but then I don��t want to.

So yeah, you can just get in the door and try to learn whatever you want to learn, and then you can be funny and you can laugh and you’ll have a laugh and that�ll be it.

I like comedy, but it�s not really like being a musician or doing a show.

I want to do something different.

And I like to be creative.

So that�s what I want out of my life, and if you are a comedian, you know, if I were to tell you, I don���t know, a lot of comedians are like, well, I really don�trinkets, I have nothing to sell, and so I just can’t make it as a comic.

I can�t make it.

And the funny thing is, they don�nt have anything to sell.

I am a writer, I am not a comedian because I write and I don’t sell, so that doesn�t matter.

I was a writer in my day, so I can sell a book, but not write a book.

And there was no reason for me to be writing.

I knew I had something to sell in my life.

So you can tell people I can’t write, and maybe that is a bit of a problem for people who want to listen to me, because they can just listen to the book.

It�s a comedy book, and my life is just one long comedy book.

So even if it isn�t a comedy, it can be a comedy.

I really want to be that person who is funny, so you can go and read a comic book, you should.

It can be very, very funny.

I hope people will be happy that I’m making that book.

If you don���ll like it, then go and buy it.

It is a comedy that I want people to buy.

It has a lot more stuff than a book could ever have, so it is funny.

But I want you to listen and you should go and listen to it.

This is the best time to be, like, a comedian in my whole life

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