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How to clone an Android app

How to clone an Android app

A Google spokesperson said the latest push of Google Play services was the first time the company had ever made the move.

It was announced last week that the Android apps on the Google Play store had been cloned to an iOS app that was then uploaded to the Apple App Store.

This new clone action figure has been a staple of Google’s Play Store since it launched in December 2015.

The action figure was released by Google in July this year and has since become one of the most downloaded figures in the store.

It is available for a few US$7.99 and is compatible with both the Google Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P.

It comes with two interchangeable heads, and a plastic pouch.

The company said that the action figure’s new clone app was designed to “deliver a great experience”.

“We have seen an incredible amount of interest from Google Play users,” a Google spokesperson told Al Jazeera.

“The clone action figures from the Google App Store have been highly requested and we have been incredibly grateful to them.”

The company added that it was “very excited to announce that the Google app store has now been cloned to an iPhone app.”

The clone app has been developed by Google’s Google Play team and the two figures have a “pretty similar” design, the spokesperson said.

The clone action-figure is available in both black and white.

Al Jazeera’s Chris Lowden said the Google clone action set up “took a while”.

He said that it took “years” to get to this point and that the new figure had not yet been available to customers.

He said the clone app did not offer any new features, although the developer claimed to have “added a lot of functionality”.

Lowden also questioned why Google would not let users clone an iOS App Store app to a Google Play App Store version, saying that this would have made the figure easier to find.

“You could do this with an iPhone and Android app store app,” he said.

“It would just be harder to find it.”

The move to the iOS app store followed a change to the Android app, which also cloned figures from other platforms.

Google released a similar action figure to the Google Pixel last month, which was designed as an Android device companion figure.

It came with a white face, and it was not compatible with the Google Store app.

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