Why the DNC is being used to sabotage Bernie Sanders’s campaign

Why the DNC is being used to sabotage Bernie Sanders’s campaign

DNC officials are using their political power to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign and to weaken his campaign for the White House, according to an exclusive interview with the new chairman of the DNC, Tom Perez.

In the interview, Perez reveals that the DNC was used as a front for the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.

Perez says the DNC worked to help Trump win, despite the fact that the Trump team was running an illegal campaign and the DNC wasn’t even a party.

Perez says he thinks Trump’s campaign is still alive, but the Trump-DNC collusion has not been uncovered yet.

“The Russians are still doing everything to help Donald Trump win the presidency, and they’ve been doing it since the day he announced that he was running for president,” he says.

“And the DNC has been used to go after Bernie Sanders for the past three months.

I’m saying, let’s stop this now.”

Peretz says the Democrats are trying to sabotage Sanders’ presidential bid and to undermine his campaign by using the DNC as a tool to try to sabotage his campaign.

“The DNC is a front.

I think they are trying for a year and a half to undermine the Bernie Sanders campaign, and the way they’ve done that is through the DNC itself,” he said.

“They’ve used the DNC to attack Bernie Sanders in the primaries, they’ve used it to attack his candidacy, they’re using it to undermine him in the general election.

They’re using the Trump Dossier to try and attack Bernie.

They’ve used a lot of different tools to try in some ways to harm the Sanders campaign.”

Pertinent to the DNC’s efforts is a dossier compiled by a former British spy that includes false and unsubstantiated claims about ties between Trump, Russian intelligence, and Putin.

The dossier, which was released by BuzzFeed in January, alleges that Russian operatives were behind the 2016 hacking of Democratic party emails and emails of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chair.

Pertinence of the dossier was highlighted by Wikileaks in a release on Friday that showed a top Democratic operative working on the dossier.

The Podesta email leak was first revealed in October.

Peters interview with Politico shows that Perez was instrumental in developing a deal between the DNC and the Sanders Campaign in 2015 to create a platform for the Sanders’ 2020 campaign.

The platform would have allowed Sanders to campaign on a platform that was in line with the Sanders agenda and that the Sanders himself would support.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Perez said that while he was in Congress, he helped draft legislation that would have created the platform and set out to help Bernie Sanders run for president.

“I was very instrumental in bringing a bill in Congress to create the platform, and it was drafted by a member of Congress who was working on that bill,” Perez told BuzzFeed.

“I helped draft that bill.

And it was then passed by the House of Representatives.”

Petters support for Sanders’ platform was also a factor in his decision to work with Trump’s team.

“Bernie Sanders was a very strong proponent of my platform in Congress and also a very prominent voice in my administration,” Perez said.

“We had a very close working relationship in Congress,” he continued.

“He helped craft that platform and I was very supportive of him when he was working with Trump on the platform.”

“Bernie was also very instrumental on my campaign.

I helped craft his platform.

He helped lead his campaign in my first year as chair of the Democratic National Committee, and he was a major advocate of that platform,” Perez continued.”

That’s why I was so instrumental in working with him and helping him get elected, and so that he would be able to lead his own campaign.

And I believe that that’s why he was able to win the nomination and the presidency.

I’ve known him for years.

And he’s a very good friend.”

Polls show that Sanders is still leading Clinton by double digits in the Democratic primary and that Perez’s team is working to try again to undermine Sanders.

Perez said he’s still confident in his ability to defeat Trump in November, but said that there’s no guarantee that he can defeat Trump.

“This is the most important election in the history of the country,” Perez says.

“[Trump] is not going away.

He’s not going anywhere.

He has a tremendous support base in the Republican Party.

He can get elected in November.

He is going to have an enormous amount of money and resources and resources in the airwaves, on TV and on the internet.”

Pesot also says he believes that the Russians have been trying to damage Sanders in recent weeks by using a “very well-funded disinformation campaign” to attack Sanders and his campaign, while also trying to undermine Hillary Clinton.

Pressed on this, Perez dismissed the notion.

“Look, we know the Russians, they are very well funded.

We know that they are working very hard to damage Bernie Sanders,” he told BuzzFeed News.

“What I can say is we

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