‘I want to make Lego clones of my family’: Lego’s Luke Skywalker on why he wants to clone his own family

‘I want to make Lego clones of my family’: Lego’s Luke Skywalker on why he wants to clone his own family

LEGO has confirmed it will clone the family of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to create a new version of the iconic character that will live on in LEGO sets.

Key points:Luke Skywalker was created by Disney in 1987Lego CEO Joe Menlo confirmed the move at a company conference in London”We’re very excited about the opportunity to create new versions of iconic characters, both for our customers and for our fans,” said Menlo, adding the company was looking for a partner for the project.

“We know Luke Skywalker is a character that has a huge fan base, we’re very keen to have a strong partner in this,” he said.

“So that is why we’ve chosen to bring him back as a new character.”

He will have a new voice and a new look.

“I would say he’s really excited about that.”

Lego’s new Luke Skywalker will be a clone of the film’s character.

(AP: AP)Lego has previously confirmed the creation of a new, fully functional Luke Skywalker in the movie The Force Unleashed, but it has not revealed any details about the new creation.

The company’s latest announcement about the creation comes just months after the company announced that it had sold off its entire LEGO business.

Earlier this month, the company confirmed it was looking to sell off all its Lego business to its former investors, including the Walt Disney Group, who have taken a stake in the company.

Mr Menlo said at the time that it was still too early to say how the new clone would be created, but the announcement comes just over a month after a Lego executive announced plans to create two versions of the Star Wars character, with each one a replica of the previous one.

The decision to clone the Skywalker family comes as LEGO’s stock has lost some of its value in recent weeks as its CEO has suggested he will leave the company in the coming weeks.

Last week, Mr Menlo told shareholders that the company would be focusing on growing its brand.

“Our business is going to be more about the LEGO brand and we want to be in the best position possible to deliver that,” he told the company’s shareholders.

“If we can do that with a more stable business, I’m sure we can,” he added.

“The LEGO brand is growing, it is expanding and I’m confident that we will be in a position to deliver growth in the future.”

The announcement is yet to be confirmed by Lego, but Mr Mendo said the company did not have any specific plans at the moment for a standalone Luke Skywalker, and would have to wait until the summer to know if it had an actual clone.

He also said the new Luke would be a character who had been “designed to be a living, breathing character”.

“It’s really hard to create someone that has the right voice and the right look, the right personality,” he explained.

“It really is a very complex and difficult process to get the right character and build a family.”

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