What the CIA knew about the 9/11 attacks and what they left behind

By now, the American public knows what the CIA did on September 11, 2001, when it released a summary of its “intelligence assessment” of the 9-11 attacks. 

And, according to declassified documents, the CIA withheld this intelligence report, known as a “cloned commander” report, from the public for over a year, until recently. 

But in a recent VICE News documentary, CIA whistleblower and whistleblower advocate Michael Hayden, author of The Terror Factory: The Untold Story of the CIA’s Terror Wars, spoke with VICE News about the reasons for the CIA-released “cloning commander” reports being withheld from the American people for so long.

“The CIA was aware of the possibility that the 9–11 Commission would release this report, but it was not aware that the CIA was going to do it,” Hayden said in a phone interview. 

“And so, it was an incredibly dangerous operation.

And the CIA is still very much in denial about that.

I think it was the CIA that gave the information to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.” 

Hayden says the CIA made a decision to “delay” the release of the cloned commander report for six months after the 9.11 Commission released its report in December, 2011. 

In a video posted on YouTube by the organization that created the cloner commander reports, Hayden said the CIA “was planning to release it in a public forum, to get a public hearing, but the [9th Circuit] Court of Appeal overruled the CIA.”

“So, the [Clone Commander] report, which was in a declassified form, is the result of a failed effort by the CIA to get this report released to the public,” Hayden added.

“I would also add that the cloning commander report is, I think, the most serious threat to the future of our country. 

The CIA knew this, and they knew they were going to have a major backlash if they went ahead and released this report.” 

On Thursday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a statement announcing that it would begin its review of CIA documents related to the September 11 attacks.

“We will examine the documents to determine whether they support the findings of the Commission, as well as any other information related to these events that may exist,” the committee said in its statement. 

Haydeh says that despite the CIA withholding the clonal commander reports from the media for nearly a year now, he has been able to find no evidence that the Agency actually withheld the report from the US public. 

As a result, Hayden says the “CIA’s deception about the cloners’ role in the 9 9/10 attacks has created a situation where we are still waiting for the full truth to come out.”

There is a lot of work to be done,” he added. 

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