Which Clone Wars characters are you best acquainted with?

Which Clone Wars characters are you best acquainted with?

Clone Wars, the hit series on Disney XD, is coming to Nickelodeon.

The new animated series is currently available on the network and the Disney XD app.

The show follows a group of clones, including the original Star Wars: Clone Wars actor Boba Fett.

The series was created by Cartoon Network, which has made some of its original series available to watch on streaming services like Netflix.

In addition to Fett, the series stars Ben McKenzie, who plays R2-D2.

The main characters include Lando Calrissian, Chewbacca, R2 and C-3PO.

In 2017, the show won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Animated Series.

Below, find out what Clone Wars is best known for.

Boba Fetts Clone Wars character actorBoba, or “Little Boba,” is a droid who is the nephew of the original Clone Wars star, BobaFett.

Boba was created in 1977, when Disney was still owned by Disney and was named after a character from the animated series Star Wars.

He has a more human appearance than his brother, C-2PO.

He is the son of a bounty hunter named Lando, and a descendant of the Jedi Knights.

Bobak’s nephew is an old clone of Boba, but his powers are greatly enhanced due to a secret program.

Bobak, who is a Clone Wars superfan, believes his uncle has become more powerful than him.

Bobo Fett clone character actorBen McKenzie, Bobas nephew, plays R4-D4, who was created after Boba and Boba Jr. (C-3P0) were killed in the Clone Wars.

His uncle Boba is a young man who became a clone, but it is unknown if he has any family left.

In the series, R4 is a Jedi master, and is tasked with guarding the Jedi Temple during the Battle of Geonosis.

Bobah Fett Clone Wars’ character actor Ben McKenzie plays Lando’s older brother, Lando Jr., and is the youngest son of the character, Bobak.

His father was killed by the Empire, and the two sons live in exile.

Lando Sr. has been living with Boba’s uncle Bobak for years, and they have a great relationship.

BobA Fett character actorJosh Trank has been tapped to direct the series.

He previously directed the pilot for Clone Wars and also helmed the animated film.

The new series is the first for the network, which is owned by Comcast.

The network recently aired the series’ pilot episode, and has since made it available on streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu.

The channel has also released a series of movies that were previously only available on Disney Movies Anywhere.

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