How to buy a clone gunship

In 2018, the Australian Government announced that it would buy 10 new naval ships to replace its ageing fleet of six gunships, and replace the ageing gunships with a fleet of 20 gunships.

The plan has now been scrapped and the Government is looking at whether to continue to buy the existing ships.

The Australian Navy bought four of the ships from the US and two from France.

The four new ships will have a crew of between 5,000 and 8,000 people.

They are scheduled to enter service by 2020.

This new fleet is based on the USS George Washington and USS John C. Stennis class submarines.

These submarines are designed to operate from Australia’s western coast.

The ships are designed for a life of 30 years and can be converted to a submarine for service in the future.

It is believed that the cost of the new ships is about $US1 billion ($1.1 billion).

The cost of this new fleet will be paid by the taxpayer, who is also paying for the ageing warships.

This means that the Government could save about $400 million ($400 million in 2019-20) a year in operating costs by converting the old ships to subs.

However, the Government does not want to do this.

Instead, it wants to keep the existing fleet of gunships and use the subs to replace them.

It has also agreed to buy six more ships to be built by Chinese company BAE Systems.

The new vessels will replace the two that were bought from the United States.

The Government has also decided to increase the number of submarines it will purchase from four to six.

The first of these vessels is the USS Bonhomme Richard.

This is a class of sub that is capable of operating in deep water, and can carry out tasks such as antisubmarine warfare and search and rescue operations.

The second of these ships is the SSN Grampus.

This submarine can operate in deep sea areas and is capable the search and find tasks.

The third vessel is the CSS Kilo-class.

This class is capable to operate in shallow water areas and can operate the anti-submarine warfare task.

The fourth and last ship in the class is the SSCK-class (SSK-1) submarine.

This sub can operate at depths of 1,000 metres and can conduct search and destroy tasks.

It will be used to replace the older ships in the fleet.

It can be used in deep waters and can perform search and track operations.

It also can carry anti-surface warfare mission, such as sonar, minesweeping and anti-ship missiles.

This fifth and last submarine will be the CSS Nautilus, a class that is intended to be able to operate at 1,500 metres and carry anti ship missiles.

It cannot carry anti surface warfare mission and will not be used for antisubmersible operations.

Key points: Australia will be replacing its six gunship fleet of five ships with 20 gunship shipsThe Government will pay for the upgrades with taxpayer dollars, the Defence Force saysThe Government says it will not make any changes to the existing gunships or submarinesThe new submarines are not expected to be ready for service until 2023-24The Government said it would not make changes to existing gunship and submarine fleets The Government said that it was not considering whether to buy new gunships in 2019 because of the ageing fleet.

“The current gunships are too outdated and the submarines are ageing too fast,” Defence Minister Marise Payne told ABC Radio in a statement.

Ms Payne said that the new gunship fleets would replace the existing submarines.

The Ministry of Defence said that Australia would be replacing the six gunser ships with new submarines and that it is not expecting to make any major changes to its existing submarines and gunships before 2023.

The government will not change the current submarines, which are not intended for antissubmerging or search and seek operations.

These ships are meant to be used as a platform for submarines, the ministry said.

When the new submarines enter service, they will replace four of Australia’s existing submarines with 20 of them.

The gunship navy is also being replaced by the submarines.

According to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, the United Kingdom is the world’s second largest arms exporter, followed by Russia, France, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

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