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How to use the new 212th Clone Trooper

How to use the new 212th Clone Trooper

The 212th clone Trooper is a new vehicle in the ArmA 2 series of missions.

It is a very useful vehicle for close air support missions, as it has a large amount of armor and it is very easy to mount.

The 212 is the second most powerful vehicle in ArmA 3.

It also has a very high speed and is fast in all respects.

The vehicle is very agile, but is not very fast.

It does not have a very powerful turret, but it has decent frontal armor and side armor.

The turret has a good range and can fire the same kind of ammunition as the standard rifle.

The weapon system is quite complex, but the main points of its operation are: The 212 has a unique engine system that is capable of using up to four engines at the same time, each of which has their own unique firing mode.

This allows for an enormous amount of customization.

The engine system also has an advanced gun stabilization system that prevents the vehicle from falling off the road, and a low-speed steering system that can provide excellent maneuverability.

It can be used as an escort vehicle, or as a close air combat vehicle.

The clone trooper has a high damage and hit points and a very large armor rating.

In addition, the vehicle can carry a heavy load.

The helicopter version is a vehicle that can be attached to any helicopter.

The two versions are very similar.

The second helicopter version can carry three helicopters and can carry up to eight helicopters.

The standard helicopter version, on the other hand, can carry two helicopters, one of which is a large helicopter, and the other is a medium helicopter.

In the helicopter version of the 212, the turret is mounted on a turret-mounted gun, while the gun is mounted above the engine.

The gun is a high-velocity rocket launcher, similar to the one used in the helicopter.

This gun can be mounted on the turret and can also be used by the vehicle’s crew to fire rockets from the turret.

The rocket launcher can be modified with an ammo slot to carry extra ammunition, which can then be stored in the weapon bay.

The vehicles mounted on these helicopters can also carry weapons that can destroy enemy units.

The tanks are the vehicle variants that are most useful in close air warfare.

They can be deployed on a helicopter or a helicopter and can use a variety of different weapons, which will make them useful for a variety on different missions.

The first vehicle is the tank, which has a cannon mounted on its turret.

It fires two rounds at a time, while other variants can fire three rounds each.

The tank has very good armor and can be a good support vehicle for the player, especially if the player has high-level players.

The next vehicle is a helicopter.

It has a turret mounted on top of its turret, and it can also fire rockets.

The helicopters can be fitted with the tank and the helicopter, or both can be equipped with the helicopter and the tank.

The third vehicle is an amphibious tank.

It carries two helicopters and is a good medium tank for the battlefield.

The last vehicle is just a regular tank.

Unlike the helicopter variant, which is not really a helicopter, this one can be an amphibian vehicle.

It doesn’t have the turret mounted gun, but can carry heavy weapons, such as rocket launchers.

The other vehicles that can carry guns are also amphibious, but they are not the best ones.

In Armored Warfare, the helicopter is a great vehicle to use for long-distance transport.

You can use the helicopter to travel to the far side of the map to take out an enemy unit or to get into position for an ambush.

If the helicopter reaches the enemy base, the player can take it out with its rocket launcher or its infantry support weapon, or by flying it into the ground and blowing it up.

The player can also use it to quickly reach a high location, and deploy it as a tank.

If you are a player who likes to use helicopters for longer-distance transports, the 212th is a really good choice.

If your favorite vehicle isn’t available to you, there are other options to consider.

In ArmA 1, the Clone Trooper had a higher armor rating than the helicopter variants.

The new 212 is a much better vehicle in terms of protection.

Its armor is better than the Clone Tanks and Clone Tanks II, and is slightly faster than the other vehicles.

The Clone Trooper is more maneuverable, and has more maneuverability than the clones.

The more maneuveribility of the Clone Troopers is due to the helicopter-mounted guns, but there are also some other advantages to the vehicle.

First of all, the clone troopers are a lot more agile, and can get close to enemy units easily.

Second, they are much easier to take down, thanks to the gun stabilization.

It was also easier to use a clone trooper for a reconnaissance mission, as the clone trooper was more

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