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Kobe Bryant’s new NBA career is taking off

Kobe Bryant’s new NBA career is taking off

A few months after Kobe Bryant was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, he has already taken a starring role in the NBA’s newest young basketball franchise.

Bryant and his teammates have taken on a new role as the “Bryants of the NBA,” according to ESPN’s “Inside the NBA” podcast.

They’ve been tasked with providing entertainment on television, and have also helped to develop the franchise.

It’s a role that they’ve enjoyed since the NBA took over the NBA television contract in January of 2014.

“We’ve been there for four years now and I think the franchise is pretty healthy,” Bryant told the podcast.

“They’re going to go where the fans want them to go and that’s the greatest part about the franchise: We’re going there and we’re going home.”

While Kobe has been playing for the Lakers since 2013, he’s still one of the team’s biggest stars.

He’s averaged over 24 points and 11 rebounds per game in his first two seasons in the league, and the team has been able to consistently win games despite missing key players from previous seasons.

But while the Lakers have played better on the court than they have in the playoffs, they’ve also been one of many teams that have struggled to win in the postseason.

The Lakers are one of just three teams in the East to finish the regular season without a winning record in a game.

The other two are the Philadelphia 76ers and the Washington Wizards.

Despite being in the thick of the playoff race, the Lakers are still far from being a title contender.

They’ll play the Brooklyn Nets on Wednesday night and will then travel to face the Miami Heat on Friday.

In the meantime, Bryant has been taking on a role as a mentor to his younger teammates.

And it appears he’s doing a good job.

Kobe Bryant has become a role model for young NBA players.

Source article Kobe Bryant has made an impact on young players as the team in charge of the Los Angelos Lakers has been on the brink of a title.

His presence has been a big factor in the team gaining confidence, especially on defense, where the Lakers ranked dead last in the Western Conference during the season.

Last year, Bryant and the Lakers made the playoffs after winning a playoff series with the Los Angos Rockets.

The Lakers went on to win the title.

They also finished the regular-season with the best record in the West.

But the team wasn’t going to last long.

The team fell in the second round of the playoffs to the Houston Rockets in five games, and they were swept by the Oklahoma City Thunder in the conference finals. 

They then fell to the Chicago Bulls in the first round in six games.

Now, Bryant is leading the Lakers back to the playoffs.

After being traded to Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant is the face of the franchise and one of its most important players. 

It’s a position he’s been taking for a few years now, and his impact on the team is clear.

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