Blue Clone Trooper, Darksaber Clone Wars: Answering the Question

Blue Clone Trooper, Darksaber Clone Wars: Answering the Question

Blue Clone Troopers and Darksabers have joined forces in a new comic series that is bringing back a long-lost series.

The series, which hits newsstands next week, will be written by the creators of the “Darksaber” TV series.

And the duo will be joined by “Star Wars” veterans who are also returning, including creator Adam Reed and artist David Lapham.

“It’s a chance to bring back some of the classic Star Wars characters,” said Reed, who also is an executive producer on “Star Trek: Discovery.”

“I’m really excited about this new chapter of the ‘Star Wars’ universe.”

The comics, set in the early days of the Clone Wars, will focus on the Blue Clone and Darsaber.

The “Star War” films were rebooted and re-released in 2016.

“StarWars” fans have long been asking for a new series, with “Star Battle” being the most recent film to be announced, and several other films in the “Star” franchise being in development.

But there has been no “StarWar” comic book since 2012.

The comics will be the first of what will be four books set in “Star Empire,” the “Dark Side” of the original “Star wars.”

The “DARK EMPIRE” comics have never been officially announced, but Reed said he and Lapham plan to take some risks to try and bring the universe to life.

The new series will focus heavily on the Jedi and Sith, two new factions in the universe.

“The Darksword is a very important part of the history of the Force and in the history that’s come before, there’s a lot of stories to tell about that,” Reed said.

“In a sense, we’re telling a very new chapter.”

“Star Rebels” creator Dave Filoni will pen the first chapter, and writer David Mack will write the second.

Filoni and Mack previously worked together on “The Clone Wars,” and Filoni has worked with Reed on “Daredevil.”

The two are known for their Star Wars-inspired comics, including “Force and Destiny,” “The Rebel,” and “Darth Maul.”

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