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Why the world’s most famous game character’s clone is so awesome

Why the world’s most famous game character’s clone is so awesome

As an aspiring video game designer, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the only way you can make a game is to copy someone else’s game.

You know that this is an unrealistic mindset.

The truth is, the world of games is full of great ideas, and the best ones are often copied from people who have already done their work.

In a recent interview with Polygon, designer and co-founder of indie game company GameSalad, Ghandi Clone, explained that the first thing he wanted to do was make a clone of his character.

Ghandis main character, Rex, was the subject of a recent viral video series by GameSalade, which detailed the creation of the character.

You can watch the original video here.

Ghandis first attempt at a clone started with a drawing.

The character was originally drawn in the style of a female cartoon character.

But he didn’t want to take that and use it as his base.

He thought that maybe he could make a different look for the clone.

Instead of using a normal head and a generic body, he wanted something unique.

After that, Ghehi made a few sketches of his creation, but it didn’t quite get it right.

Ghehoi wanted his clone to be a human, but he was too lazy to make that happen.

So, he took his original character, and created a clone using the same concept.

The clone was created by copying Rex from the GameSalads viral video.

GameSalad was founded in 2014, and has since gone on to develop several other games.

They recently released a game called “The World Is Yours,” which was inspired by their favorite game, “Clone Wars.”

“Clonk Wars” is a clone strategy game where you build up your own clone army.

The game is set in the world after the Clone Wars, where people have been trying to conquer the planet and destroy the evil clone army known as The Empire.

You’ll control an army of clones called clones.

In this game, you can use them to destroy enemy bases and destroy enemies with the help of a team of clones.

GameSalady’s first game, Clone Wars 2, was released in 2015.

Since then, they’ve been making sequels, which are basically the next iteration of the game.

In 2018, GameSalada also released a sequel called Clone Wars 3, and now they’ve also released Clone Wars 4.

In 2018, the team at GameSalader released another clone game called Clone Saga.

In it, you play as the leader of an army, who controls the clone army of the galaxy.

Each clone has its own abilities and special abilities.

You also have the ability to create clones from other characters in your game.

Game Salad is now developing a sequel to Clone Wars called Clone Chronicles.

They are aiming to have the sequel out by the end of 2019.

Gharbi says that the team will be working on more games for the time being, and if they do make a sequel, they’ll definitely do it with a game from GameSalado.

Gamesalad is also working on a sequel for the original Clone Wars game called Clonk Warriors.

That game is currently in development.

Gherji is also a big fan of the Clone War franchise, and he has been developing his own clone game ever since.

In fact, the original clone game, Clonks Revenge, was originally developed by Game Salad.

Ghodikari, the creator of Clonkhis Revenge, told Polygon that he’s not too surprised that Game Salada is working on their own clone games.

“They are making clones of other games, so I am not surprised.

In my eyes, cloning games is a big thing,” Ghodi said.

“I have never thought of it as a bad thing.

Clone Wars games are very cool, and Clonker Wars games were the best.

They were very original and original clones.

If we could make Clone Wars clones, we would.

That’s why I think it is good for them to have a company like GameSaladen.

They will have a chance to develop clones and bring them to life, but also make money from them.”

Game Salads creators have also worked on other game projects, too.

They created an indie game called Dormouse, which was released on the iOS and Android platforms in 2018.

It’s a story-driven puzzle game where the player controls a cat who is trapped in a maze and has to solve puzzles to escape.

You have to be careful, though, as you have to find the way out of the maze and get to the end.

Dormouse was a lot of fun to make.

Game Saladen has also made several other indie games for iOS and the Android platforms.

One of those is the game called A Boring Life.

It was a game that the Game Salader team developed

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