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How to Clone Wars Clone Commander Cody

How to Clone Wars Clone Commander Cody

Clone Commander Commander Cody is the new addition to the Lego universe.

In his latest video, Cody takes us behind the scenes of Clone Commander Cody, the new character in the series.

Watch Clone Commander CCY’s first trailer here.

Clone Commander Jake (CCX-8) has been added to the game as well.

Cody and Jake join forces as the new Clone Commandos in the battle against the Separatist Droid Army.

Cody’s appearance is a little different from the other characters, as he wears a red suit with a green helmet and green boots.

Cody is one of the Clone Commander characters to wear a suit with the Clone Trooper insignia, which also serves as his standard outfit.

Cody will be playable in the game’s multiplayer modes.

In this mode, Cody will join forces with other Commandos and other players to defeat the Sepulcher Droid Army in the Clone Wars multiplayer mode.

Cody also joins the Resistance as a member of the Resistance, a group that has been disbanded due to the Clone War.

Cody has a more prominent role in the multiplayer modes than he does in the single-player game, as the Resistance leader will be able to request Cody join their ranks and can also choose Cody as a playable character.

Cody, Jake, and other Clone Commando characters can also participate in multiplayer matches by clicking on the Battle Field, which will take you to a match.

The mode will feature the player-vs-player gameplay of Clone Commanders.

Players can control one or more Clone Commandoes with the Force, including Cody, Commander Jake, Commander Cody, and Commander Cody’s friend, Clone Commander M3-A2.

In multiplayer, players can play against each other, and they will fight against eachother to take out the Separatist Droid Troopers.

Cody can also join forces against other players in multiplayer, and the two players can team up to take down the Separiot Droid Army on a mission.

In the single player game, Cody can join forces in the campaign mode and also play in multiplayer modes, as well as in missions.

Players also have access to a new mode called Clone Commander Battle, which is available to all players, including those who have not yet unlocked Clone Commander Mode.

Players who have unlocked Clone Command Mode will also be able play in the new campaign mode.

Players will be allowed to choose their own characters and characters will be randomly generated, so you’ll never know which characters you will get to play as.

Players are also able to purchase and equip additional gear that will give them better abilities.

For example, in multiplayer mode, players will be given access to more Clone Trooper upgrades.

The multiplayer mode is available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and players can unlock it at any time through the game.

Cody gets a little more screen time in this trailer than other characters in the franchise, but his appearance is still the same.

Cody appears to have a new costume, which we see a few times in this video.

The only difference is that he wears the red suit and boots.

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