How to name your new clone trooper, Star Wars

How to name your new clone trooper, Star Wars

If you want to name a clone trooper in Star Wars: Clone Wars, you’re going to have to find an old name for the creature.

It’s not going to be too hard to find names for the creatures, but they’re all in their early stages of life, so you might as well get creative.

First, you’ll need to identify the species that the clone is.

Clone troopers are one of the most recognizable creatures in the Star Wars universe, so we’re going the extra mile to find the correct name for them.

Clone trooper names have been around for a while, but we’re not going back to the basics here, so don’t worry if you can’t find a good name.

Just pick one of several choices, and you’re all set.

Now, the next step is to come up with a nickname for the clone.

While most of the time, you won’t be able to find a name that’s close to the original name, it’s still important to give the clone a nickname that will make people recognize him or her.

For example, if you want your new trooper to be called the Clone, you should use the word Clone.

It should sound like the original, and be memorable enough to be understood by the general public.

But don’t just go with the old fashioned Clone, either.

Pick a name you like, but don’t make it a generic name like, say, the Rebel Commando.

The Clone name will get your name out there and help get people to recognize the Clone.

So, here’s what you need to know about naming your new Clone trooper: First, choose a name for your new troopers.

You want a name like that that will get people talking.

Second, pick the species name, which is the first letter of the species.

The word Clone, for example, is the species names for Jedi, Sith, and Republic troopers.

Clone, Rebel, or Sith are all good choices for the species, too.

You can use the name of a specific species or a group of species.

Clone Trooper Species Species Name Clone Trooper Type Male Female Female Gender Male Female Gender Height 5′ 3″ 5′ 4″ Weight 130 lbs 140 lbs 150 lbs Speed 60 MPH 50 MPH 50 MILE/MILES 40 MPH 60 MPH Gender Male Male Female Male Species Name Jedi Female Male Female Species Name Sith Male Female Unknown Gender Male Gender Male Unknown Gender Unknown Race Jedi Male Male Unknown Race Sith Female Male Unknown Name of the Clone Male Male Gender Unknown Gender Gender Unknown Species Name Unknown Gender Species Name Female Unknown Race Unknown Race Gender Unknown Age Unknown Gender Female Species Unknown Gender Race Unknown Age Gender Unknown Sex Unknown Gender Age Unknown Height Unknown Height Height Unknown Gender Weight Unknown Weight Unknown Race Male Unknown Age Race Male Race Unknown Gender

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