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How to stop ’em cloning your own

How to stop ’em cloning your own

A video of a woman performing a trick on a young man with autism is making the rounds on social media.

The video shows the woman pulling out a piece of tape from her bag and then flicking it on to the man.

As he watches, she pulls a piece from her pocket and runs it over his face.

The woman then runs the tape up the man’s nose and onto his forehead. “

No you can’t.”

The woman then runs the tape up the man’s nose and onto his forehead.

A moment later, she turns around and starts filming him again.

It has since been shared more than 1,400 times.

Ms Smith, who lives in the NSW town of Warringah, said she had never tried anything like this before.

She said she has a few special skills that make it easy for her to pull this off, including a quick understanding of what the man is saying and what the tape is for.

But the video has caused an uproar.

‘That’s my job’: The man’s mother says she is baffled by the clip’s viral popularity The woman is currently in hospital in a critical condition after a suspected heart attack.

She has called for a boycott of any company selling tapes. “

It’s been upsetting to watch this little girl doing something that’s her job.”

She has called for a boycott of any company selling tapes.

And she said she wanted the video to be taken down immediately.

In a statement to ABC News, Ms Smith said the clip was an example of what she called “bizarre behaviour”.

“I am horrified and disgusted by what is happening,” she said.

Read more about autism: “This is a young person who’s only been diagnosed with autism about six months ago.”

They’re performing this trick on him in front of him and he’s completely unresponsive, he doesn’t even know what’s going on.

They’re abusing a child, they’re abusing an autistic child.””

They are abusing a young boy.

They’re abusing a child, they’re abusing an autistic child.”

Ms Smith said she hoped the video would inspire other parents to share their own stories of abuse.

“I know other parents who’ve had their children, they’ve had the same experience and this is just a small example of it.”

Ms Jones said she thought the video was a sign of the times.

“It’s definitely not OK, but it’s not like it’s something we need to get a hold of,” she told ABC Radio Sydney.

“[This man] is in hospital and he is completely unresponsive and doesn’t understand what is going on.

He’s just a very small child and he needs to be cared for.”

You can never really control what the media does, but I think it’s good to put it out there and see what others are saying.

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