What’s next for ‘Chorus of the Shores’?

What’s next for ‘Chorus of the Shores’?

CHURCHILL, N.C. — A group of religious conservatives are planning a coup d’etat against North Carolina’s governor, calling on the people of the state to “unite behind the Confederate flag” and “stand with the South” after the state’s legislature voted Tuesday to remove Confederate monuments from public property.

“We have a long history of resistance to the Confederacy and its racist history,” said Steve Cramer, a senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Chapel Hill, N, who has led the group, the Confederate Monument Campaign.

“I believe that if we stand together, if we unify behind the flag, we can defeat the Southern agenda and we can take back our state.”

Cramer said he is calling for “a mass civil disobedience” in the state against the decision, and said it will be conducted on the statehouse steps, along with a march from the state Capitol to the state capitol, “where we will show our support for the South.”

The coalition of religious leaders is calling on all North Carolinians to join forces with Cramer and his group in an effort to take back the state.

The group has already drawn support from former Vice President Mike Pence, a former evangelical Christian, and Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., a former North Carolina congressman.

Cramers group plans to march from Raleigh to the Capitol on Saturday to demand that the Confederate monuments be removed.

Assemblies across the state will also hold “flag walk” events on Friday to protest the Confederate removal.

In the wake of the election of President Donald Trump, a coalition of conservative activists has formed the “Christian Coalition of North Carolina” and said its goal is to push for a Constitutional amendment to remove the Confederate symbols from state buildings and property.

In a statement, the coalition said that the state is “now home to a number of monuments to the Confederate Army,” and called for people to “come out to support the fight to keep the symbols of hate and division out of public spaces.”

“We cannot allow our state to become a graveyard for these statues,” the statement read.

But Cramer said that there is little the state can do to undo the monuments, and that “we’re going to take the battle to them.”

Cramer told CNN that he would rather see the Confederate monument fight in the courts.

He said that if the state loses, it will then be up to a federal court to decide if the monuments should be removed, but if it wins, he believes that it will “take down the state flag and the statues and the monuments.”

“If we’re going against a federal judge, they’re going take down the federal flag and they’re not going to go after the people who were responsible for the removal of the Confederate flags,” Cramer added.

“They’re going after the individuals who did it.”

Republican state Sen. Robert B. Johnson, a member of the legislature and a longtime Confederate supporter, told CNN the legislature is taking a “weak approach” and that they are “not ready” to make changes.

“The Confederate statues are being put in place by people who want to push the Confederate agenda, and they’ve made a mistake by going after them,” Johnson said.

“There are a lot of people in this room who feel that way, but I’m not ready to change my stance.”

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